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You can write that novel. Donít worry that it's 50,000 words. Just focus on the first two-hundred. Thatís not too scary, is it? It's the exact number of words on this home page, for example. It also happens to be the length of most emails. Are you willing to type an extra email for the next hundred days? If the answer is yes, then youíre about to write a novel.

The program starts you slow. The pace is customizable and the schedule tailored to your life. As you build up your writing muscles, it challenges you a little more. Before you know it, youíve finished.

Itís 100% free. No ads. No sales pitch. Sign in, write your daily words into a private web page, and make that dream a reality. Get instant feedback on your progress in an environment that doesnít let you get bogged down in edits. At the end of each session, youíll be prompted with some questions about what happens next, so youíll never come back unsure of where to start.

Whether youíre a complete novice or a seasoned pro, Couch to 50k can help you achieve your goals.

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